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Pandora x Disney The Little Mermaid Ursula Dangle Charm

SKU 61263

Embrace the allure of the deep sea with our Ursula Dangle Charm from Disney's The Little Mermaid. Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic power of Ursula, this charm exudes captivating beauty. Sterling silver tentacles gracefully embrace a radiant purple lacquered artificial pearl, symbolizing the depths of the ocean. Glimmering stones adorning the tentacles and a pavé-covered bail shimmer with brilliance, mirroring the sun's mesmerizing reflection on the waves. Let this enchanting charm transport you to the depths of the ocean's mysteries, capturing the essence of Ursula's mesmerizing presence. Explore the depths of Disney magic with this captivating Disney Pandora charm.

SKU: 61263
Model: 792684C01
Compatible With: Pandora Moments
Colour Purple
Product Type Charms
Metal Sterling silver
Material No other material
Depth: 10.2 mm
Height: 15.1 mm
Width: 11.9 mm