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Birthstone Guide

Many jewelry lovers are fascinated by the origins of the birthstone tradition and many others desire them for pure aesthetic reasons. 

Correlating stones with the months of birth is a practice that has taken the form of a tradition.

The practice evolves with time and gets more and more appealing for those who are interested in jewelry and in tradition. Birth stones, correlated with months of the calendar year, represent qualities of the corresponding months.

Properties associated with these birthstones are no hard and fast rules but are flexible and keep evolving with time. 

Some associations are made with similarity of appearance and some others are made due to overlapping qualities associated. January and December, for instance, are represented by variety of dark red and blue stones respectively. 

Some analysts mark the boundary of influence of the specific stones with the end of the associated calendar month while others are flexible and extend the boundary to the end of the zodiac sign.

Please read below to see how the birthstones are described and related to the months of the calendar year.   

january birthstone quick facts

Garnet, one of the oldest stones, traditionally with a distinct reddish hue, is considered as the January birthstone.

The stone is associated with good fortune in business and symbolizes loyalty and devotion. Additionally, it is associated with protective and healing influences. 

Garnet derives its name from the middle English word, ‘Garnet’, which means ‘dark red’. 

While we are not guaranteeing this, Garnets are believed to have powers to cure physical diseases such as liver cancers and psychological problems such as depression and insomnia. 

Garnets can also be found in deep purple, vibrant orange and green colours. The vibrant green Tsavorite garnet has become popular in recent years.

february birthstone quick facts

Amethyst is a popular stone, purple in shade, and often referred to as a purple rock. 

It has served as a royal ornament for centuries and was once as valuable as diamonds and sapphires, but is now quite affordable. 

The word Amethyst is derived from the Greek word ‘Amethytos’ meaning ‘not drunk’ and exhibits intoxicating powers as believed. 

The stone is associated with many myths which enhance its aesthetic appeal.

It is believed to have mind enhancing powers specially the ones as moderateness. Amethyst is associated with the month of February and is related to wisdom.

march birthstone quick facts

Aquamarine exhibits the shade of pastel blue and is associated with the month of March. 

As its shade suggests, Aquamarine, meaning ‘waters of the sea’, is known for refreshing qualities. 

This stone is affordable and is associated with protection for those who travel by sea. 

Unlike other stones, Aquamarine can be refined in variety of ways, classical and modern, which makes it an all-time favorite among the jewelry lovers. 

Apart from its stress relieving and calming powers, Aquamarine is believed to bring luck, happiness and faithfulness in marital life and is also considered influential in matters of friendship. 

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april birthstone quick facts

April’s stone is Diamond, and is the hardest know natural substance. 

Simple, in appearance, diamonds fire, brilliance, and scintillation are like no other. 

It is the most popular stone associated with longevity and thus is often deemed lucky in matters of engagement. 

Diamond derives its name from the Greek word ‘Adamas’ which means ‘unconquerable’. 

As the meaning of the word suggests, Diamond is believed to inspire unconquerable inner strength often required for making relationships everlasting.

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may birthstone quick facts

The Emerald gemstone is associated with May. 

It has a distinct green shade, has been used as a royal ornament for ages. It symbolizes passion in love and is often associated with domestic success. 

Apart from representing class and prestige, Emerald is believed to inspire tranquility and growth. 

Additionally, rebirth and beauty, the concepts associated with spring, are believed to be exhibited by this stone. 

Another of the concepts relating to spring, refreshing of vision, is the one associated with this stone.  

june birthstone quick facts

Pearl or Alexandrite can be used as gemstones for the month of June. 

Pearl, not only used in jewelry but is integrated in cosmetics and medicine also for its scope in prevention and cure of almost all diseases. 

Classy and sophisticated, Pearls are stylish and can work with almost any outfit. Alexandrite, is the labelled “Emerald at day, Ruby at night” for its exceptional colour change phenomenon. 

This phenomenal gemstone has been known to repair stress in the nervous system and improve intelligence. 

Throughout history, Alexandrite has been a gemstone for royalty which is true to this day as a 1ct high quality Alexandrite can cost upwards of $30,000. 

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july birthstone quick facts

Ruby, the striking red stone, is expensive and is believed to enhance wealth and wisdom. 

This stone, with its durability and luster, represents love and passionate romance. Ruby is also considered influential in matters of health and fortune. 

It is associated with the month of July and is identical to Sapphire in many ways except color. 

august birthstone quick facts

Peridot is lime green in color and symbolizes strength. 

It also represents growth and wealth and is considered to have positive influence over emotional states such as anger, anxiety and depression. 

Peridot is associated with the month of August. Several accounts ascribe power and influence to this stone.

september birthstone quick facts

Sapphire, exhibiting ‘heavenly rays’ stood long for purity, protection, and wisdom. Sapphire has also been used as a royal stone due to its elegance and durability. 

This stone, associated with the month of September, is believed to have faithfulness and commitment inspiring powers. 

It is also associated with the tendency to enhance wisdom, calmness, communication, inspiration, contentment and peace. 

Although, the deep blue shade is representative of sapphire, it is available in red, yellow, orange, purple, green, and pink colors also. 

october birthstone quick facts

Opal and Tourmaline are the Gemstones of October

Opal is delicate and is available in different colour varieties. The stone is associated with emotions such as loyalty, hope and love. 

Opal is the only gemstone that displays “play of colour”, which is the different colours seen by the viewer. 

Tourmaline is known as one of the most colourful gemstones. 

It is available in a variety of colours and one single stone can display three different colours. 

 Tourmaline is known to help release emotional stress and overcome fears.  

november birthstone quick facts

Citrine is the November stone, it exhibits golden yellow to orange colour. 

Citrine symbolizes optimism, happiness, generosity and vitality. It is believed to influence the balance and harmony and to attract fortune and wealth. 

Businessmen value this stone for its luck inspiring powers. The word Citrine is derived from the word ‘Citrina’ which means yellow. 

december birthstone quick facts

Turquoise and Tanzanite are associated with the month of December

Turquoise is an older stone, opaque, and mostly sought in sky blue shades. This stone is celebrated for its health inspiring powers. 

It is often used as a test of faith and changes color when worn by unfaithful as believed. The stone is also known as the bearer of luck, love, wealth and success. 

Unlike Turquoise, Tanzanite is a gemstone that has only become popular in recent years. 

Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, and can only be found there. 

Tanzanite is known to transform negative energy into positive energy and become more confident. Tanzanite comes in shades of Royal Blue to Violet.