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Choosing your Engagement Ring: Part 2 Finger Shape

Choosing your Engagement Ring: Part 2 Finger Shape

PART 2: Choosing a ring by your finger shape


Shopping for your forever ring can be overwhelming. A lot of times the perfect ring you had envisioned does not look the way you hoped  & can make you feel discouraged. In this case, try to choose an engagement ring style that compliments your hand shape!


Short Fingers:

Look for Marquise, Oval, & Emerald shaped diamonds as they help achieve the look of elongated fingers. Thin bands also enhance the look of elongated fingers.


Long Fingers:

If you are blessed with long fingers, most ring styles & diamond shapes compliment your hand perfectly. Although every cut of diamond compliments long fingers, Round or Princess are especially flattering!


Wide Fingers:

Wide fingers tend to look best with lengthened stones/diamonds like Emerald or Oval cut. These shapes of stones elongate the fingers. Avoid wide settings as they tend to give the appearance of wider fingers.


Thin Fingers:

For those of you with delicate, thin fingers- stick with Pear or Round shape diamonds as they visually balance the hand.  Thick bands also compliment thin fingers beautifully as they create the illusion of width with your fingers!


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Diamond Engagement Ring White Rock - January 28, 2021

This is a very informative blog, thanks for sharing about these choosing your engagement ring part-2 finger shape. It will help a lot; these types of content should get appreciated. I will bookmark your site; I hope to read more such informative contents in future… great post!!You must also check out it has some great insights too.

Anna - June 30, 2020

I need that three stone ring in my life…

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