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Choosing your Engagement Ring: Part 1 Diamond Shape

Choosing your Engagement Ring: Part 1 Diamond Shape


Your engagement ring- a symbol of your lifetime commitment & something you will wear for the rest of your life! No pressure.

When your relationship gets serious, it can be overwhelming with the styles & shapes of engagement rings out there! If you aren't certain on a ring style to hint to your honey - Use this guide to help you get an idea of the style you prefer!

The cut of a diamond is the most important characteristic! Whether it is traditional or modern- Make sure you find the perfect one to suit your personality & style 😊





Round Brilliant diamonds have a classic design that give maximum sparkle! This traditional cut is for women who love tradition and style all in one! The round shape represents a love with no end.

Women who generally choose this shape are laid back, traditional, honest & sincere.

Celebrities who have chosen round as their engagement rings include:

-Nicole Richie

-Mila Kunis

-Lauren Conrad

-Olivia Wilde

-Scarlett Johansson





Princess cut diamonds are said to manifest beauty, style, & edge. This cut is designed to maximize sparkle while maintaining a square shape.

This diamond cut is perfect for women who are modern & drawn to excitement.

Celebrities who have chosen Princess Cut include:

-Jessica Biel

Kendra Wilson

-Hillary Duff






Oval shaped diamonds are delicate and slim the finger. Oval diamonds are said to bring fertility to a marriage as its shape symbolizes an egg.

Women who are drawn to oval are bold, sophisticated, outgoing, & bright!

Celebrities with Oval engagement rings include:

-Blake Lively

-Hailey Bieber

-Kate Middleton




Emerald cut diamonds feature long facets, layered like a staircase. This cut highlights clarity the best.

Women that choose Emerald cut enjoy bold fashion and are strong & sophisticated.

Celebrities that have an Emerald cut engagement ring include:

-Mariah Carey

-Hayden Panettiere

-Jennifer Lopez

-Sarah Jessica Parker

-Kim Kardashian


-Julianne Hough




This unique cut of diamond has extraordinary character & sparkle! Marquise diamonds give the illusion of a larger size! The points on each end of this diamond shape represent internal & external strength.

Women who are drawn to this shape are usually dramatic & have amusing personalities.

Celebrities that have chosen Marquise shapes for their engagement ring include:

-Christina Millan






The combined beauty of a traditional round & the brilliant marquise! This shape is both graceful & delicate.

Women who generally choose this shape are peaceful, calm, & adjustable.

Celebrities who love their pear shape include:

-Paris Hilton

-Cardi B

-Katherine Heigl

-Sophie Turner

-Victoria Beckham




Although the cut of a diamond is the most important characteristic in an engagement ring- every detail is important for your forever ring. Whether it’s a diamond band, knife edge, or vintage look. Finding the perfect mount brings the whole look together!






If you have tried on ring after ring and still have not found the perfect ring for you- Custom is the way to go! Our gemologist and jewellers can work with you to design a one-of-a-kind piece.








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Sophie - June 25, 2020

In love with the oval shape!!!

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